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The 3 Stages of Attracting a Man

How to Get from Initial Meeting to Committed Relationship

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There are 3 stages in a man's attraction towards you and it's essential that you recognise which stage you are in so that you know what will work and what won't. I do understand how tempting it is to jump in there and assume that you're in a full blown relationship because the guy is showing an interest in you but I can assure you that he won't necessarily be thinking that way early on so ignore this advice at your peril. Therefore, to get from stage 1 to stage 3 in his mind, it will help you to understand the route that most successful relationships take.

Stage 1 - Initial Attraction

Stage 1 is the initial attraction stage - that's when you first meet, start chatting and realise that each is interested in the other. By the way, this includes that initial stage where you meet online even though you haven't met him in person yet. This is the stage when you begin to flirt with each other. You may think that this couldn't do any harm but you will be telling him a lot about yourself by your words and actions during this short stage so it pays to be careful here.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting to Know Him

At this point you don't really know him at all and you don't know how far you can trust him so it's in your own interests to protect yourself by not letting yourself get too carried away, however cute and gorgeous he seems. Yes you can feel excited and hopeful but looking after number one (that's you) is your top priority here.

Stage 2 - He's Not Always Quite Sure

Stage 2 is the initial steps of getting to know him on a person to person basis. This is dating. It's not a committed relationship. At this stage, if everything is going OK, the attraction is building between the 2 of you and you are both starting to think that this could be the one. This stage might consist of a few dates in some relationships or it might take 6 months or longer, depending on how often you see him in person.

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This stage is really a continuation of stage 1. You still don't know him well. You still don't know if you can trust him. And you're still looking out for yourself and being careful not to make the dating mistakes that cause so many new and promising relationships to crash and burn. Problems at this stage often start after something that is deep and meaningful to you happens in the relationship but then you sense that he's pulling away. I call this the "he's not quite sure" type of relationship and it's easy to unwittingly move your relationship into this grey area in stage 2. Once you trigger this response, it can be (but doesn't have to be) hard to turn it around and you may find yourself settling for a less than satisfactory relationship or losing him altogether. Be prepared!!

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Stage 2 continued. You need to understand this!

Lots more advice here to avoid pitfalls that trip you up in the early dating stages.

Stage 3 - Committed Relationship

When you've made it through stage 2 you move on to stage 3 - the committed relationship. This is a gradual process - there's not a definite day when you get there but you can gauge that you're there by the little signs that you feel loved and content, you've met his family and friends and you feel part of his life. Now you both know each other. Now you can relax a little and small blips in the relationship are normal and will probably not threaten your happiness.

Help to draw him in and get him to commit

Your Happy Ending?

Think you don't need to go through these stages? Well, there are some happy relationships that just gel and then last but these are in the minority. Mostly if your relationship doesn't go through these stages, then chances are that something is not quite right. Relationships that form quickly tend to break up slowly and painfully because the partners did not take the time to get to know each other properly before committing, or they are based on something that is less than mutual love and commitment, or they stay stuck at stage 2 and miss out on real happiness. And that's a shame because taking the time to go through the stages, knowing what to expect at each, and when to let it go is all it really takes to create the happy relationship that you are seeking. You will find all the answers you need on this site if you will take the time to read through the articles with an open mind. I wish you a happy ending in your quest for an amazing relationship.

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