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Adventures in Dating

Getting to the First Date

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If you want to get a partner then you can't escape the fact that you first have to get a date. Here are some suggestions to help get you started.

Decide what you want ...

To get what you want, you need to know what you want ... and don´t want ...

To start your project, make a list of what you want in a potential partner. Divide this list into the qualities that you absolutely require and ones which you would like but can live without. This will give you your checklist against which you can compare your potential future mate. Try not to be too restrictive, as you may screen out a wealth of suitable partner material. In the early stages of meeting, investigate subtly whether this person is likely to live up to your essentials. If he doesn´t make the grade then there really is no point in continuing the relationship. Bear in mind, however, that no one is perfect and that if you are expecting perfection, you may be searching for a long time to come.

Ways to meet ...

The easiest ways to meet men in this day and age is via either speed dating or online dating sites. Check out our Online Dating page. Despite these easy options, please DO get yourself out and about and talk to people ... talk to anyone ... talk to everyone! The more sociable you become, the easier it will be to chat with potential partners. You can meet people anywhere ... work, the supermarket, on the bus. Join clubs and societies, join a gym or take up a sport. Keeping yourself busy and having an active social life will make you a more interesting person and less prone to romantic desperation. Getting fit will make you healthier and more energetic and therefore even more attractive than you already are.

Look out for number 1 ...

In the early stages of dating, you absolutely must be your own best friend. This does not mean being selfish and trampling over the feelings of others but it does mean looking out for yourself and avoiding some of the main pitfalls of early dating. To learn 10 sure-fire ways to blow a promising relationship on the first date click here.

Without being selfish, your attitude about yourself and others speaks volumes to your potential other half. Therefore, do not put yourself down, or anyone else for that matter. That includes your rotten old ex. If you have negative opinions of the opposite sex, then you need to work on losing them or you will soon find yourself floundering in the world of dating. Stay positive in love and in life!

In order to love yourself first, you will NOT allow yourself to be swept off your feet by your desire for love and attention. You will keep your feet firmly on the ground and stay in an open, receptive state of mind, in order to learn as much as you can about any man that you meet. This will allow you to find out whether he meets your criteria. Before you get carried away by the chemistry between the two of you, give yourself the chance to get to know him, without giving your heart away to someone you do not yet know well enough to trust.

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