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Flirting is Fun So Get Out There and Do It More!

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The thought of flirting can be absolutely terrifying for some people. Follow this advice, however, and once you've had a bit of practice then you should feel more at ease. Flirting is a perfectly natural habit that you should adopt generally in your life. It is the attitude of being open and receptive to pleasant interaction with other people.

If you allow yourself to become more open and friendly and develop the habit of making conversation with the people that you meet, you will find it much easier to meet and date the opposite sex. When you smile at someone you pass in the street or say hello to someone you meet at a bus stop or in a shop, for example, and you get a favourable reaction, it can make you feel really good.

Flirting with a view to getting a date involves letting the other person know you are interested by your body language and facial expressions. There are certain signals that you can give, such as giving eye contact, smiling, touching and moving closer. Overt sexual flirting is not a good start to a relationship, however, so don't go there unless you are just looking for casual sex.

It's all about being confident enough to get yourself noticed, without looking desperate or shy; about responding to another person's moves, and talking, but especially listening to the other person so that they feel good about themself.

Whether you meet someone online, at a speed dating event, or in a bar, it is essential to have some idea of how to attract their attention or how to react if they start flirting with you.

Fortunately there are lots of resources out there which give you step-by-step instructions on how to flirt and how to recognise the signs that somebody fancies you. Investigate these and improve your self confidence and your chances of attracting a mate.

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