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Tactics To Help Stop a Break Up

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So it's all going along nicely and you think you've found the man of your dreams. You know the chemistry's there and you're on top of the world. Then all of a sudden you have a little wobble and your beloved intended partner to be, love of your life, suddenly disappears off the face of the planet without a word. Time to use these tactics to help stop a break up!

This usually happens when your new other half suddenly realises that you have got in far deeper than he expected. It may have been triggered by you throwing a tantrum because you didn't get what you want or asking where the relationship is headed. He has now realised that you have gotten serious or have expectations of the relationship which puts him under pressure.

Here's what not to do - panic and rush around like a headless chicken, calling, texting, emailing and turning up at places where you expect to bump into your loved one. Just don't do it. Period. However hard it is and however emotionally bad you feel you must maintain your dignity at all times in order to keep your partner's respect. Acting out of desperation and negativity rarely gets the desired response. He or she may well be having doubts but you suddenly turning into a mad stalker is only going to make matters worse and may spell disaster for your relationship.

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Here's what to do - stay cool and give yourself some time to think. If you've left a message and had no response then don't leave another one. Get on with your own life, pretend you're too busy to notice and give your partner some space to miss you. Look after yourself and spend time with people who love you. Perhaps you might try getting in contact again after a few days to a week, depending upon how long you have known him, but keep it short and sweet. If you don't get a response to your second contact, then do not try again. You are already receiving a significant message.

If, in the early days of your relationship, your new man suddenly starts to seem hesitant about seeing you, don't hang around waiting for him to make a decision on whether he wants to be with you or not. Stop contacting him and get on with your life. If you let him believe that you are hanging around waiting for him to decide, you will give him control of the relationship and he will almost certainly take advantage of you by stringing you along. Get out there and start looking for someone else immediately, or at least let him think that you are doing so.

When you feel that you might be losing him, you may feel bereft but you are not, under any circumstances, going to let him know that. The chances are that if you can stay cool and follow these guidelines, he will come back to you again. Otherwise you will appear desperate and needy and will almost certainly chase him away.

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