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10 More Dating Tips to Get That Guy

Dating Success Comes Easily to Those Women Who Know What Works

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Dating success really does come easily when you know what works with men and dating. Understanding these tips really is the key to learning how to capture his attention and get that guy.

#1 - The Right Attitude

The most important thing when it comes to dating guys is your attitude. You must keep a positive attitude in all respects and let him get to know your good side before you let him see your faults. You must give out the message that you value yourself if you want him to value you. That means being prepared to let him go if things don't go to plan. At those inevitable times when he seems to be backing away, the quickest way to lose him for good is not to let him go. Never cling onto a man in desperation because you don't want to be on your own. If it doesn't feel right don't get all emotional on him, back off and wait to see what happens. If you can stay cool, the chances are that he'll be back before you know it!

#2 - Get to Know Him First

Don't give yourself away to the first guy that comes along. Dating is as much about weeding out the wrong ones as finding Mr Right. Don't mistake chemistry for love, compatibility or commitment. Take your time to find out who he is and what he stands for BEFORE you allow yourself to get attached to him. Let him go early if he's not the one!

#3 - Don't Commit Early On

It's strange how women almost seem committed to a new relationship from day 1. This is not necessarily so for a man. Men take much longer to make a decision on commitment, even though they will quite happily have sex with you from day 1. Therefore, keep it in mind, that he is not necessarily committed to you, whatever magical words come out of his mouth. If you commit early, you will have all sorts of expectations which he may not yet be ready to fulfil and he will rebel against this. Hold back and take your time to see what he is prepared to put into your relationship before you make a decision about whether he is the sort of guy that you would be happy to commit to.

#4 - Appreciate Him

If you decide you want to keep him, concentrate on building the chemistry in your relationship by making it a fun, relaxing place for him to be. Don't get serious and needy. Appreciating him and the things he does for you will make him feel good, which in turn will strengthen the bond between you. Making him feel good will mean that he will want to spend more time with you.

#5 - Words Will Not Convince Him

Don't have the talk! Men don't respond to words in the same way that women do. He will probably tune you out and then wonder why you need to be so serious. He may even disappear off the scene altogether. See dating tip #4 for what you need to do to make him love being in your company and want more from your relationship.

#6 - Don't Let Him Become Lazy

It's easy for a man to become lazy once he has his woman and is in his comfort zone. But you don't have to let him. Once again the key to stopping this deterioration is to appreciate everything that he does for you. If you don't make a fuss of him when he does something you want more of then he will very soon start forgetting to do it. However, if you recognise and acknowledge his every effort, he will soon be hooked on the praise and admiration that he gets from you. The best time to start these habits is early on in dating. Never stop being impressed by his efforts if you don't want him to become lazy in your relationship.

#7 - Stay Cool! Hold Back!

Don't allow your negative emotional impulses to ruin your relationship. Dating can be a very trying time when we want something but we're not always sure where we stand as regards to getting it. It's not always easy to stay cool and sometimes it brings out our worst negative emotions. It is very important to learn to keep these in check and not act impulsively in a new relationship. Don't let him turn you into a "bunny boiler"! Even if you're worried about losing him, if you can keep cool, there's a good chance you can keep him. Lose the plot and you will almost certainly lose the guy.

#8 - Calling, Texting and Chasing Guys

Don't do it! (At least not very often). It's not that you can never call or text or chase a guy but if you do it regularly and often he will think you are desperate and you may well become a source of irritation rather than pleasure in his life. My advice to you is to hold back and see whether he is calling, texting and chasing you. Then you get to find out whether he wants to call you. Never call or text again if you didn't receive a reply to your last message. This really can be an area of your dating life which can ruin your relationships if you are not careful about how you handle it.

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#9 - Be Yourself, Let Him Be Himself

OK, that's 2 tips but important ones. Firstly, if you're not being yourself, then it's not really real and it's not going to work for long is it? Hang on, I hear you say, you've just given me a list of things I can and can't do - how does that fit in with being myself? Well, it's true that you have to portray a sane and stable personality in dating if you want to attract a great guy. If you're not that sane and stable person underneath, then you are going to struggle to get into a mature adult loving relationship. See dating tip #10 for more details.

Secondly, if you've only just met and you're already trying to change him, then he's probably not the guy for you. If you can't love him as he is, it's unlikely to work out in the long run. Although he may change, it's unlikely to happen to suit you. Are you being unrealistic or is it time to let him go? Also check out dating tip #10 below.

#10 - Assess Your Level of Neediness

If you're not being needy, you can usually get away with most anything in dating and will find it easy to meet and attract men. You won't need dating tips because you value yourself and are naturally aware of what works and what doesn't in relationships with others. That's when you really can afford to be yourself.

What is neediness? Neediness is where you need constant emotional attention, affection, reassurance and validation from your partner. Needy women often chase and call men, get upset when they don't get enough attention and would rather be in any old relationship than be out of a relationship while waiting for a good man to come along.

Relationships are important to most women and therefore many of us don't like being on our own very much. When we meet a man, we often don't recognise our own neediness and make excuses for him when he does not live up to our expectations and for ourselves when we find ourselves needing more than he is currently giving. These dating tips help us to recognise some of our needier traits. When we become aware of what we are doing that isn't working in relationships, we can start to build more effective habits into our lives. That's when it all starts to fall into place and we become one of those women for whom dating and relationships just work effortlessly.