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Second and Third Date Advice and Onwards

In The Beginning... After the First Date...

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After the first date, you will know whether you want to see this man again and should have some indication of whether he wants to see you. The following advice should help you in the very early stages of dating and your prospective relationship.

Even if you felt that the first date went well, if you haven't heard from him, especially after trying to contact him, then let it go and move on. If he was keen to take it further then you almost certainly would have heard from him. Check that you didn't make any of the dating mistakes that stop men wanting to take a relationship further with you and see what you can do differently next time.

If you are still in contact, and both want to meet up, you will probably arrange another date. In the beginning, follow the rules for date 1 as regards to meeting places and topics of conversation. Try and find some fun activities that you can do together such as walking or bowling but keep yourself safe; don't go anywhere isolated. Keep your new relationship light hearted, relaxed and fun. If you start becoming too serious or needy before your date feels serious about you, you risk driving him away.

In between dates, don't call or text your new man all the time. Let him miss you and wonder what you are up to. Don't suffocate or pressurise him. Don't sulk when he doesn't want to see you as often as you want or you don't get your own way. Remember that you are happy with your own full life and are not looking for him to fill the gap.

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Your object is to take things slowly and take your time to get to know the new man in your life. It is not to be in a serious relationship from date 1 or 2. Therefore keep things light and relaxed in the beginning and keep any options open with other people. You don't owe this person that you have only just met a relationship so it is perfectly OK to date more than one person at this stage if you feel comfortable with that.

Ensure that you have good boundaries as far as the behaviour that you will tolerate is concerned. Again, you may need to do some work on yourself here so that you know how to respond when those little niggles occur. This does not mean giving out a list of what you will and will not tolerate on the first date, but it does mean letting him know in a reasonable and assertive manner, if and when a problem occurs, that you are not going to put up with his bad behaviour.

At this stage, if he intentionally hurts you in any way or displays unacceptable character traits, you should do yourself a favour and get out fast. Remember that you are your own best friend and put yourself first. It is important early on in the relationship not to get into patterns of behaviour that you will resent later on. Don't give in to the temptation of wanting to spend all your time with your new guy; you need to keep your own life and have time apart.

If he doesn't live up to your expectations, be prepared to let him go early on. Don't stretch it out if you intuit that it's not going to work, just for the sake of being with somebody. However hard this may seem, it can save you masses of wasted months in relationships which are never going to fulfil your dreams. Don't waste your time in nightmare relationships, keep on searching for the relationship of your dreams!

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