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What Do Guys Find Attractive?

He Loves a Woman That Meet His Relationship Needs!

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What do guys find attractive? Are they looking for relationships or would they rather just date? If you're having problems getting a guy to stick around then you may be surprised to know that many guys will happily settle down when they meet a women who stirs the right emotions and meets all their needs. So what are the qualities that meet his relationship needs and cause him to find you irresistibly attractive? Read on to find out.

Passion and Sensuality

It's not just about sex but more about being comfortable with your femininity as well as your sexuality that counts here. Sex is usually very important to men so you can bet that it's going to be important in a relationship. Men often go first on looks, but if you want to turn him on to more than just sex, then you are going to have to show him something deeper than purely physical attraction. When you radiate passion for life - i.e. you have your own hobbies and interests, you become a more magnetic, interesting person. Ensure that you look after yourself - don't let yourself go, and keep up your hobbies and your own friends to keep it interesting.

Playful and Friendly

We all need some escape from the monotony of life so it's great to have a partner who can put some humour and fun back into our lives sometimes. Friendship plays an important part in any relationship. It meets our needs for companionship and also suggests compatibility. However, don't get yourself labelled as just a friend. Ensure that he gets to see your sexy, sensuous side too in order for the relationship to blossom.

Loving and Nurturing

Every human being needs to feel cared for and loved and this applies to men too. Often, the tougher he appears to be on the outside, the more fragile is his heart underneath. Nurture is one of the feminine qualities and is very attractive to a guy. A caring touch or a soft voice can quickly disarm his anger or quell his fears. There are going to be times when you will need to put his needs first. Let him know that you are there for him and how much you care about him and your loyalty will be rewarded many times over.

Respectful and Accepting

Men are very attracted by a woman who appreciates and admires them. They need to feel respected. Putting him down or criticising him will encourage him to hide things from you. If you always put your needs first, you will trigger his withdrawal response, especially if you try to force him to do or be the things that he doesn't want. Men definitely need their own freedom and space. When you let him be himself, and do the things he wants to do, he will feel safe to open up to you and you can have a closer and more loving relationship.

So, what do guys find attractive? Now that you know the answers and how to meet his relationship needs, you are aware of what men want. When you can incorporate these qualities into your every day life, then you become a very attractive proposition to a man.

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