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What Do Men Want? - Guide to Men

Understanding Men is the Key to Dating Success!

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What do men want? Does anyone really know? Read this guide to men to find out. Only when you understand men will you have the keys to succeed at dating.

I always think of dating as a minefield for the unwary woman, fraught with traps and potentials for explosive situations, ready to trip you up if you're not sure of the pitfalls or the way to go. There are many women who consistently fail to land their man when they are dating. I know because I was one of them and I often see, in the questions asked by women about men and dating, the same gaps in their knowledge that I know now that I was missing. However, when you understand men and what to expect from them during dating, everything changes. Then it can be a fun and exciting experience and easy to meet the man of your dreams. Here are the things that you need to know about men if you want to succeed at dating:

This first point is so important so read it over until you get the message. A man will generally take advantage if you let him. The child inside him will want to see how far he can push your boundaries to see what power he has over you. He will be looking to find out how strong you are and what you will let him get away with. He will definitely take advantage sexually if you let him. This is not generally because he is out to use you. It is because he trusts you to be in control of yourself, value yourself and to know what you want. And he is looking for evidence of this. If you allow him to take advantage, he will lose respect for you. Therefore it pays to know what your boundaries are and to let him know when he has crossed them. He wants a woman with high standards who is not a push-over, whatever he says to the contrary.

You should know that a man can smell neediness and desperation a mile off. If you sleep with him out of your need to progress to a relationship; if you give to him out of your need to get back; if you call him often because you need to know where he is or what he is doing; if you constantly demand his attention; if you put your life on hold to sit around waiting for him; if you put up with his bad behaviour because anything is better than being on your own; he will sense that something isn't quite right and he will be wary of you. You must learn to control your instincts to want it all now, you must learn to evaluate what a man is going to give to your relationship and you must be able to say "No" when appropriate. Men want women who are not desperate and needy but are happy with themselves and fulfilled with their lives and who will let them be themselves.

He wants a woman who respects his freedom. You must understand that a man will withdraw when the going gets tough or he needs time to think. He will also pull away when his work life is busy or he has other priorities. You can't expect a man you've only just met to always make you his number 1 priority so it pays to have other fulfilling activities going on in your life. This withdrawal response may also be triggered when he wonders if he is falling for you. And it will definitely happen if you are making the dating mistakes mentioned above.

If you feel him pulling away, then you need to keep calm and give him space. If you carry on charging forward, you will send him running for cover. A man wants a woman who gives him space. He needs time to do his own stuff otherwise he feels that you are taking away his freedom. He also needs time to miss you. The time away from you is when he will fall in love with you. If you don't give him the space he needs, you will smother him and your relationship.

What do men want? A man wants to be your hero. Respect, admiration and adoration in large quantities will have him eating out of your hand, as long as you are not making the mistakes above. He also wants to make you happy and he wants to give to you and help you. To encourage these wonderful, generous traits, make sure that you show him plenty of appreciation and affection. If you get this wrong you will find him disappearing out of your life to be with the woman who does make him feel like her hero.

We all need to feel loved and wanted and men are certainly no different. Men aren't always sure that they want to be in relationships because they continually meet women who make the same old dating mistakes which cramp their style and make them feel trapped. But when he meets that special woman - you - the one who understands men and knows how to make a man feel good; that's when he becomes inspired to do and be his best, to love and to cherish one woman who makes him feel good and to commit to spending the rest of his life with her. Now you know the answers to the question "What do men want?" you can succeed at dating.

When you understand what a man wants from your relationship, you will keep him coming back for more. There is a certain type of woman that a man will always want to come back to. She knows how to captivate him and communicate with him to draw him close and get him to respond in the ways that she wants. You can learn to be the type of woman that men adore and never want to leave. If your man has already become so distant that your relationship is in danger, you can also visit my stop break up page.

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