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Things Guys Love

The Art of Capturing His Heart

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What do guys find attractive? When you present yourself as a fun and attractive proposition you will have men falling over you. When you captivate and enchant him you will capture his heart. But first, if you want him to value you then you must value yourself.

Feeling Good!

Try doing whatever it takes to feel good about yourself. When you radiate the aura of feeling good you will be giving off a kind of magic that will make you irresistible to everyone around you. So look your best... wear what makes you feel good... look after your hair and nails... have a massage - whatever brings out the feel-good factor in you, and don't forget to emphasize the feminine as far as you feel comfortable. You don't have to be the most beautiful woman on the planet to glow with health and vitality and subtly communicate that you are one special woman.

Quality Women

A quality woman knows what men want and how to handle him when he is out of order. She values herself enough to keep up her friends and hobbies. She doesn't give them up to spend all her time with him. She doesn't hang around waiting for him to call. If he doesn't book in advance then she doesn't see him. If he takes advantage or lets her down she shows him that she is prepared to let him go.

Appreciation Goes a Long Way

On the other hand, when he goes out of his way for her, she lets him know how wonderful he is. She appreciates every little thing he does and respects and admires him where appropriate. She accepts his compliments gracefully and is loving and affectionate. She acts like a woman and makes him feel like a man.

The Power of the Feminine

Things guys find attractive include flirting and giving compliments when appropriate. Attraction is much more than just looks. It includes body language, confidence, posture, voice, and attitude. A soft voice, a gentle touch and a caring, loving attitude can captivate a man. That is the power of the feminine at work.

The Right Attitude

Success with men is not about settling for any man who comes along. Not all men are going to make the grade. When you have the right attitude to dating and relationships, you look out for yourself first by holding back and letting him show you the kind of man that he is before you give him your heart. When you know this instinctively you will attract guys easily.

You Set Your Own Value!

And when you value yourself and your full and interesting life above a relationship with a man you barely know, he will be intrigued and amazed. When you don't set out to trap him he starts to feel safe to open up. When you show him that you are a quality woman he will find you attractive. He will find you irresistible. He will find you enchanting. And that's how you will capture his heart. What do guys find attractive? Now you know the answers.

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